Arizona could rival Palm Desert with this latest wave pool addition

Surf Town Arizona adds weight the “desert-as-surf-spot” trend popping up in The West. If all goes according to plan the development will bring the number of Arizona wave pools to four – an even tie with the Coachella Valley.

The new park will join Big Surf in Tempe as well as Gilbert and Mesa as Arizona’s latest surf spots.

Surf Town is most likely a reincarnation or reinvention of Monsoon Wave Park in Scottsdale which describes itself as an “11-acre Surfing Wave Park that generates 1000 waves per hour and can hold up to 90-100 surfers at any given time.”

The websites for both wave pools have identical designs, stock photo images and amenities listing. While Monsoon references Wavegarden Cove to power their development, Surf Town proudly claims the planned use of an Endless Surf wave pool.

Endless Surf’s wave pool design as posted by Surf Town Arizona.

Endless Surf generates waves at 2-3 ft on average but is able to go up to 7 feet with both lefts and rights. Length of ride varies depending on the size of the Endless Surf pool with 30-60 yards/meters on average but can go up to 200 meters. The heart-shaped wave pool can produce 500-1000 waves per hour.

In a nod to the original Big Surf in Tempe Arizona, the Surf Town project plans to have a main beach that can hold hundreds of beachgoers.  

“There is plenty of room for people to play in the water and body surf on the inside sections,” the company says on their website.

Other promoted activities include surfing contests, live music, and beachside games like volleyball, table tennis and, in a first for surf parks, cornhole.

Screengrabs of the Surf Town Arizona website (Top) and the Monsoon Park website

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Big Surf


Two surf-stoked deserts, one in California and one in Arizona. Check our Surf Planner for more upcoming wave pools