New test pool footage shows Lilliputian potential

Swell MFG, the Arizona wave pool company with research labs in Minnesota, aired new footage of their test wave pool.

The short clip by director Aaron Lieber (Bethany Hamilton “Unstoppable”) shows three settings. The first is a tasty little slab followed by a wedge complete with a mouse-sized air section. The video clip closes with Swell MFG’s point setting.

“Exciting times ahead as we get ready to release information on our first park that is coming very soon.” Matt Gunn told us. “We’ll have some new announcements coming in the next few months as we get rolling on full-scale development.”

In a post last year we reported that Swell MFG said their technology offers a wider variety of wave options within the same session than current designs on the market. The company added that clients will be able to create customized sessions and thereby make a surfing “playlist” by adding different types of waves to their shred fest.

More on the Swell MFG technology as it develops…

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