New wave pool tech launches in the deserts of Arizona

Swell MFG plunges into the deep end of wave pool manufacturing

We don’t like to use the term “space race” whenever a new wave pool technology debuts. Why? Because the current wave pool rush involves more players than the Space Race’s America vs. Russia format. It’s, well, complicated.

Wavegarden, Surf Lakes, KS Wave Co, American Wave Machines, Webber Wave Pools, Murphys Waves and a few others dot this new frontier that, we’re guessing, has plenty of longevity for everyone. First isn’t always best.

Phoenix-based Swell MFG says that their technology offers a wider variety of wave options within the same session than current designs on the market.

swell mfg test wave
Framegrab from Swell MFG test tank video

“Our swells offer up trough-before-crest technology providing a natural forward swell traveling down reefs,” said Swell MFG. “With our adjustability in wave selection, we can throw anything at you to keep you guessing.”

The company added that clients will be able to create customised sessions and thereby make a surfing “playlist” by adding different types of waves to their shred fest.

Swell MFG is secretive about their tech, but volunteered that the system, when combined with their software make the “surf playlist” possible.

“Swell MFG’s modular wave system, coupled with its operational software, provides an endless combination of wave variations,” added Swell MFG. “Offering up shorter waves with larger punchy barrels and long, drawn-out peeling lefts and rights.”

Swell MFG started out using wave tanks to study coastal erosion problems working in conjunction with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the United States Military.

The company says their tech is able to work with nearly any size facility, even small ones. Expansion to a larger sized facility is made possible with the addition of modules.

Framegrab of the left at Swell MFG’s test tank

The coming retro-fit rage

They also can drop their tech into existing swimmer-specific facilities to upgrade wave pools for surfing.

“Water drop and air blower systems are found in most existing wave pools,” continued Swell MFG. “We can drop our system right in front of, or remove (current systems), updating existing wave pools and bringing them up-to-date with high volume waves and reduced operational cost.”

Should the company’s tech be as affordable and efficient as they say, the next wave pool boom could be in the retrofitting of pools already in existence.

So, yes, we could be on the verge of yet another surfing frontier as dinosaur waterparks of yesteryear are transformed into wave pools with spitting A-Frame peaks and reeling wedges.

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    Swell MFG plunges into the wave pool deep end of surf manufacturing

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