Arizona’s Revel Surf issues “It’s still too early to give you a date” statement

In a release this week Arizona’s next wave pool, Revel Surf, gave a brief update on their project, assuring prospective customers and eager surfers that they were “making great progress with the whole venue” and “getting closer each day.”

Matt Gunn, John Bushey, Shane Beschen, Cole Cannon and the crew are smart to cloud an exact launch date. Wave pools – at least at this stage in our collective history – are notorious for being delayed.

“It’s still too early to give you a date, but we’re getting closer each day,” said the statement. “Getting power to the facility with SRP is the big one and working hard towards that every day.”

SRP, or Salt River Project, is the area’s power supplier. Surf parks require special energy grid infrastructure. How quickly and efficiently this process gets done is often done at the discretion of the power companies.

“In the Surf Pool, the final grading is done on the lagoon and the reef is looking so good,” continued Revel. “We’re now installing the flooring system and the rest of the wave maker equipment.”

The surf park says that the next step will be filling the lagoon. And added that their Unit Pool rapid wave is ready to go once it is connected to the power system.

Other updates include completed windows and patio for the Revel Beach Pavilion, which will house the retail store and restaurant. Furnishing the space and menu creation is ongoing.

“We are getting all of our opening orders ready for retail so that you have a bunch of cool stuff to buy and also a crazy selection of boards to rent if you want to try something new.”

The skate park concrete is poured and ready for use.


The Revel Rocks jump area will feature a 26 ft jump. The park by Push Parks has completed its first lines and will offer Carver skateboards for sale. An online booking system and membership portal are now operational, with plans for a founding members program in April.

Introductory pricing for surf sessions at the surf lagoon and Unit Surf Pool, as well as beach passes, will be announced soon. All beach passes will include access to various park amenities. Details on memberships and hiring will be forthcoming.

artist rendering of the bar and wave pool at Revel Surf
Artist’s rendering of the bar and wave pool at Revel Surf


The company said that all public sessions will be a split peak. In previous “test wave” clips launched on social media, Revel only shows a right-breaking wave powered by SwellMFG. The split peak will allow surfers to go either right or left.

Below is a list of surf offerings as of today from Revel Surf.

LEVEL I – Learn to surf/ whitewater level waves

LEVEL II – Fun, slower, peeling waves suited for all types of surfers and riding styles

LEVEL III – Performance waves with speed, size, and power

LEVEL IIII – Sessions with specialty waves (wedges, slabs, airs, and critical sections)

In previous correspondence Revel Surf has listed Summer 2024 as their launch date.

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