Athletes find new airwave training in Switzerland

Some of the best athletes will have the opportunity to test these recently developed waves before they are available to the general public.

“We are opening the doors of Alaia Bay to Federations to witness the potential of our brand new Air Waves and the advantages of doing training at our facility,” said Founder and CEO Adam Bonvin. “The new Air Wave completely changes the approach to air training and allows athletes to work thoroughly on maneuvers by guaranteeing consistent wave quality and frequency.”

To demo the wave and training capabilities, Alaia Bay will host teams from around the world.

“Some of the best surfers and young prospects in Switzerland and other countries such as Senegal, Ukraine, Peru and elsewhere will be training together to improve their technique and performance for application once they are back in the ocean,” said Swiss Surfing technical director Ludovic Lossky.

Alaia said the three days will provide valuable input about the new settings.

“It is a huge opportunity for us to cooperate and gather feedback from some of the best International surfers and create a performance training program in our wave pool,” said Head of Sports Pauline Clerc.

Alaia Bay, first wave pool of it’s kind in continental Europe, opened its doors to the public back in May 2021, and since then surfing in Switzerland has witnessed unprecedented growth in interest, accessibility and performance.

The Alaia Open Winter Cup – the only wave pool-based open contest in the world – is evidence of a constantly growing and evolving community in Switzerland.

This event also represents a great opportunity for surfers from different federations to come together and promote unity by celebrating the unique perspectives that each nation brings to the sport of surfing.

The Alaia Bay Air Wave Trials will run on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of May.