Surfland Brasil installs wave engines, moves closer to first surf sessions

In Garopaba, Surfland Brasil completed the installation of the wave pool motors for their Wavegarden Cove technology this week.

The work started in 2020 but stalled until the first shipment of machinery arrived all the way back in October 2021. Since then it’s been a steady flow of construction on the site to complete a 52-module Cove design as they eagerly await the first commissioning.

The company reached out to WavePoolMag in an email explaining that first waves will come online as soon as the work is done, possibly by October. At that time it will be the owners who have ponied up for a slice of the timeshare that will get to surf.

But first Surfland Brazil needs to finish some electrical work and complete the bottom of the pool before launching into crucial dry testing. Right after that they will begin filling the pool with water, and commence with wet testing. After that come the first sessions.

surland brazil construction and wavegarden cove machinery
Surfland Brazil in construction showing Wavegarden Cove machinery with wave generating feature blurred out Google Streetview style.

“The wave pool project has completed the most important stage,” said André Giesta, CEO of Surfland Brasil. “I’m relieved to see the entire Wavegarden team putting together the details, finalizing motor adjustments, placing cables, frames and electrical installations, which are more sensitive and delicate in terms of their precise formatting. Everything was lifted directly from the shipped containers to assemble the wave pool.”

Giesta said that with this phase completed, the pool is now ready for the geomembrane. After that, then it’s time for the filling stage which he said will take place in the next 45 or 50 days.

“For me as CEO, I couldn’t be happier at this moment. To see all our equipment assembled and now just needing minor adjustments and tuning is big news for us and we’re happy that the “heavy lifting” part of the process is now done.”

Some Surfland Brasil customers have already had the opportunity to experience this type of wave tank with a trip to Praia da Grama, in São Paulo. Those who got to surf at Praia da Grama said the Cove waves were phenomenal.

overview of Surfland Brazil's skatepark and tennis courts
Overview of Surfland Brazil’s skatepark planned by champion Pedro Barros and the tennis courts. Who’s ready for a vacation?

“It’s practically impossible to describe the feeling of being in that wave pool,” said Fabio Bujardão. “You’ve just surfed a perfect tube without much effort which makes you hungry to surf an even better one. The experience is surreal.”

For Maria Eduarda, who lives in Navegantes, the sessions at Praia were an opportunity to improve his surfing skills.

“I truly felt like I was at an amusement park,” said Maria. “The perfect waves and the never-ending swell. For us, who depend on several ocean conditions to come together just right to surf, our progression is a little slower. Having access to these waves, improved my surfing. Some moves that were extremely difficult, became do-able in the wave pool.”

The Surfland Brasil project is being sold in a timeshare format and is now in the final sales stretch. The complex will cover 464,000 m², 300,000 of which are preserved areas. Along with 278 apartments spread throughout seven buildings, the venture also has an innovative skatepark of approximately 2,000 m² planned by champion Pedro Barros. There will also be restaurants, a fitness space, spa, kids space, surf lessons, tennis and beach tennis, soccer, bowling, a surf museum and other attractions.

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