Surf ATL pool moves forward with new team additions

Surf ATL announced the addition of Brian Stovall, Brandon Lowery, AO architects and others to the team. The company said in a statement that Brian Stovall of Icon Leisure will bring his 20+ years of expertise in venue management/operations to the project while Brandon will keep the sporting side vibrant.

“Brandon Lowery has deep experience in the intersection of business and the surf and skate space,” Surf ATL said in a statement. “He was involved in the purchase of Waco Surf along with the development of other global surf parks and served as the interim CEO of USA Surfing and sits on the board of USA Skateboarding.”

Other additions include AO Architects, Kimley Horn and Cole Nickell.

“Cole Nickell also joined our team from an operations perspective alongside Brian and has been specifically focused on the standing wave amenity which is an aspect we have integrated into our land planning/phasing plan,” said Surf ATL. “Cole has owned and operated his own businesses and brings a genuine energy and stoke to the team.”

AO Architects will focus on architecture, land planning, and landscape architecture with Kimley Horn focusing on engineering with the Georgia team.

“Both have exhaustive venue experience with AO working on a number of surf park developments specifically and Kimley having good relationships within Forsyth County. They are each pushing our site plan, which we advanced considerably thanks to Martin Aquatic.”

Surf ATL also announced that the next two months the due diligence period wraps up in mid-October. From there, they will be submitting their rezoning application in the beginning of January 2024.

WavePoolMag spoke with Surf ATL’s Spencer Broome recently. Check here for the full podcast.

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