The Wave steps in to host the 2023 Welsh Para Surfing Championships

The Wave in Bristol is set to become part of the world Para Surf League, having stepped in to host the 2023 Welsh Para Surfing Championships this August. The highly contested global event was set to be held at Adventure Parc Snowdonia, until it was forced to close its wave park due to a mechanical failure. 
From Friday 18th August to Saturday 19th August, para surfers from around the world will meet and compete at the ‘slice of the ocean’ just outside of Bristol. The event will be the second stop on the European circuit and the fifth stop of the Para Surf League. From Bristol the tour will head straight to France for the next section of the competition. 
This will be the first time The Wave has hosted a competition as part of the international circuit. Participants from around the world will compete at the highest level, gaining points at each leg to decide the ultimate winner of the league.  
The Wave was built on a vision of making surfing accessible to all – regardless of ability – and has supported the UK para surfing community for several years, hosting the English Adaptive Surfing Open and supporting the case for national funding to be made available for the sport. The Welsh Championships are usually held at Adventure Parc Snowdonia, and when this was no longer possible, The Wave stepped in to see how it could help.  

welsh adaptive surf champs
Welsh Para Surfing celebrity Llewelyn Wiliams has become the face of the annual event which will be held in Bristol this year instead of at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. The Wave Bristol has already hosted the English Adaptive Surfing Championships (main photo) and looks forward to hosting the Welsh event.

The Wave is particularly well suited to catering to those with adaptive needs, due to its accessible design, and the range, quality and predictability of the waves produced by its wave-making technology. 
The Welsh Para Surfing Championships is a major event showcasing para-surfing to a global audience. It is a crucial year to keep raising the sports profile globally and continue to lobby for para surfing to be part of the LA 2028 Paralympic Games – something The Wave is driving for.  
Dana Cumming, President and Founder of the Para Surf League said the event will gather athletes from all corners of the globe. 
“We are excited to have the 5th stop of the PSL World Tour and 2nd stop of the Euro Tour happening at The Wave in Bristol,” said Dana. “The 2023 Welsh Para Surf Champs and Para Surf League Open will highlight athletes’ talents from all over the world in a venue that provides wave perfection.” 
Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave, added that he has deep respect for the community surrounding this sport.
“It is brilliant to be able to step in to support the Welsh Para Surfing Championships,” said Nick. “We built accessibility into The Wave from the very beginning, and we are on a mission to bring the physical and mental health benefits of surfing to all, regardless of ability. Para-surfing is a fantastic sport, as is the community that has been built around it. This year more than ever it’s so important to raise the profile of the sport on a global level, with the aim of having para-surfing as part of the LA 2028 Paralympic Games. We can’t wait to welcome incredible athletes from all over the world to The Wave in August.”