Avant-pool surfboard brand launches new fin template

Forward thinking and avant-guarde board brand Firewire Surfboards announced the release of VELOX, an all-new fin set with a raked template with an emphasis on drive and control. The new design is now available in authorized retail locations, online and at surf parks that carry Firewire Surfboards.

The company said the fins were designed to pair with all surfboards in the Firewire Surfboards range and to be a complete fin quiver in a single fin set.

“Versatility in a fin set is important to me,” said Firewire Surfboards Shaper Dan Mann. “I think of the new VELOX fin set as the performance baseline for every Firewire Surfboard I design. It’s good to have a constant variable in the design process, and for me, that’s VELOX.”

The new fin is designed with more rake in the template than the upright templated fin sets like the Endorfins KS1 from Slater Designs.

“More rake in a fin template like VELOX makes your surfboard feel more forgiving, more stable, more directional down the line,” added Dan. “A raked template feels reliable and responsive. It favors flow, speed, and wrapping cutbacks. It’s perfect for open faces and softer waves, the kind of waves most of us surf every day.”

The fins feature a core engineered from high density polymer overlayed with carbon veils which the company said makes for a mix of flex and strength to enable spring and rebound in turns, and additional control above other fin building methods.

The result is an extremely light set of fins, something valued by team rider Kevin Shulz.

“They’re extremely light so they’re not going to weigh the tail of your board down too much,” said Schulz. “That’s always something I like to feel for in fins especially in relation to the weight of the board, you can always feel a pretty big difference when your fins are light sitting in the back of your board.”

Both Schulz and Mann suggest pairing VELOX with the Dominator 2.0, Sweet Potato, Mashup and all other shapes in the Firewire Surfboards assortments at surf shops and wave pools globally.

The fins come as a 5 Fin and Thruster set in both size Large and Medium, as well as a Thruster set in size Small.