Revel Surf stokes the “two technologies” fire

For years developers have been batting around the “wouldn’t it be awesome” proposal of having two wave pools in the same location. Revel Surf seems to be the first one poised to do just that.

Revel Surf sent out a mailer this week promoting their upcoming UNIT Surf Pool technology. The rapid wave design will sit alongside the park’s SwellMFG technology and offer guests the option to session two types of surfing in one location – a first for a surf park.

Revel Surf’s Matt Gunn told us what the process was like bringing two techs on site.

“With Revel Surf having the first Unit Wave system built in a pool vs a lake we certainly had some nerves turning the Unit Wave on for the first time!” said Matt. “As we played with various settings the wave is better than we even expected. A monumental point for Revel Surf with one of our two surf systems running.”


The Lagoon by Swell Manufacturing provides a surf in a lagoon setting with surf sessions booked by the hour and featuring several wave types. Participants can expect to ride 12-15 waves per hour, simulating the experience of being in the ocean with a typical surf lineup that includes paddling out, catching waves, and repeating the process with both lefts and rights.

SwellMFG creates its waves using a series of levers. Waves come in A-Frame form with surfers splitting the peak rather than doing a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many of today’s wave pools.

The company says that the technology, when combined with their software, offers a “surf playlist” and can work in nearly any size facility, even very small ones. Expansion to a larger sized facility is made possible with the addition of more modules along the back swell-generating deep-end of the pool. They also can drop their system into existing facilities to upgrade the pools for surfing. Wave size ranges from 2-to-6-feet with larger sets possible when given more energy output.


“I logged about 45 hours of ride time during commissioning to learn all the details of the Unit Wave,” added Matt. “The wave is not only so much fun to surf, but also an amazing training tool to work on your style, turns and body movement.”

The rapid wave by UNIT Surf Pool is a continuous rapid or stationary wave designed to provide a combination of ocean surfing and wake surfing experiences. At 33 feet in width, the rapid wave works by lifting water that flows down a ramp toward the rider, compressing at the bottom to create a waist to shoulder high wave. Riders move from side to side on the approximately 33-foot wave, requiring a more horizontal surfing approach.

One unique feature of the Unit Wave is that riders do not need to paddle to catch the wave. Instead, they sit on the side of the wall, place their board on top of the wave, get their feet situated, and push off the wall to start their ride. The wave is approximately two-feet deep, allowing riders to use real surfboards with normal fins. The Unit Wave is ideal for maximizing surf time, practicing turns, and providing a challenging workout. Riders can bring their own boards or rent from the park’s fleet, and many first-time riders have expressed excitement and satisfaction with their experience on the Unit Wave during pool testing.

The surf park, which is part of the Cannon Beach development, had to push back it’s Spring 2024 openining date but soldiers on and should launch shortly.

“It’s still too early to give you a date, but we’re getting closer each day,” said the company in a statement earlier this year. “Getting power to the facility with SRP is the big one and working hard towards that every day.”

SRP, or Salt River Project, is the area’s power supplier. Surf parks require special energy grid infrastructure. How quickly and efficiently this process gets done is often done at the discretion of the power companies.


The Revel Rocks jump area will feature a 26 ft jump. The park by Push Parks has completed its first lines and will offer Carver skateboards for sale. An online booking system and membership portal are now operational, with plans for a founding members program in April.

Introductory pricing for surf sessions at the surf lagoon and Unit Surf Pool, as well as beach passes, will be announced soon. All beach passes will include access to various park amenities. Details on memberships and hiring will be forthcoming.

Revel Surf is offering memberships to Arizona locals, providing access to Revel Surf and the Beach year-round. A limited number of memberships will be available for individuals and families. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for newsletters and announcements to stay informed about membership opportunities. Memberships will be released in advance of the opening day, with more information available in the membership section’s FAQ.