“Beast Plus” setting launched for latest Melbourne clip

Ozzy Wright is fast approaching, like what, 70-years-old or something right? Anyway, the guy’s showmanship panache has not faded during his years surfing and innovating. In a new clip from Urbnsurf he’s joined by Reef Heazlewood and Isabella Nicols as the Melbourne wave pool tests out some settings at Australia’s newest surf spot.

“In late December we began testing a series of new concept waves, some malibu, some turns, some barrels, and Beast Plus, a heavier, meaner version of Beast Mode,” said Urbnsurf. “Some of Australia’s best bodyboarders, alongside World Tour rookie Isabella Nicols, charger Reef Heazlewood and the iconic Ozzy Wright, helped us put them to the test.”

*Ozzy is actually an uber-youthful 43…