Foamy and Frothy: Ben Gravy homage to Typhoon Lagoon

Surfing frothiest YouTuber Ben Gravy re-discovered the chlorinated stoke at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon recently. The man who seeks out and surfs the world’s novelty waves has made a career of documenting his triumphs and shortcomings online.

To date he’s surfed several wave pools, dodged rocks at weird inlet mysto spots and surfed all 50 states. This latest clip coincided with the surf industry trade show, Surf Expo, in Orlando.

“Thanks to Disney for hooking us up with the most epic experience ever and letting us surf the legendary wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon,” said Gravy. “Florida is going to be a heavy trip, but we’re stoked to be here for Surf Expo, hopefully, some good waves & some novelty waves.”

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