The best surfboard for the Wave Pool at Waco? Ask Noel Salas

Surfboard shaman Noel Salas goes on a board bender in Waco testing out several new sleds from Lost, Pyzel, Aipa, Slater Designs and others.

In the first two episodes of this 3-part road trip, Salas departs from his usual drilled-down metrics and analyzing to reconnect with the sheer joy of surfing.

“My goal was to have fun,” says Salas of the popular SurfnShow website. “My next goal was to surf each board to its potential. But switching from each board was very difficult, and so was learning to surf the wave. So each board I struggled with the first few waves.”

While vlogs #1 and #2 (see bottom of page) feature light, candid board banter between bros, it’s in this third episode (directly below) that he breaks it all down to what worked best, where, when and why.

He has high marks for the Uber Driver XL which makes sense. In an interview with Matt Biolos last year he told WavePoolMag that this was the go-to board for his team at Waco.

“In my multiple trips to Waco, we’ve found that quick reacting, snappy boards feel best,” says Matt Biolos. “The wave is relatively short and punchy, with plenty of power, and tight transitions. This lends itself to shorter, quicker turning boards.”

The takeaway? Waco’s holy trinity of surfboard characteristics is “Light, Quick and Snappy.”

Mason Ho Waco wave pool doing a christ air
Mason Ho uses a Lost carbon wrap construction at Waco. Photo courtesy Lost Surfboards

Salas acknowledges the difficulty of testing so many boards (six in all) in such a compressed period. Hazards include sore muscles, sleep deprivation and time spent tuning into that unique Waco wave frequency.

“All the boards surfed so differently but each of them had their moments. Some boards suite this wave better than others but for the most part, I had fun on them all. I really felt like surfing the pool challenged me….. it was extremely fun and humbling at the same time.”

You can catch all of Noel’s board tests here on his YouTube channel

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