Brazil’s new private wave pool – can you surf it?

The new Wavegarden Cove in South America will open in Praia da Grama, located 60 miles from São Paulo, on July 1, 2021. Despite COVID issues, the project was completed quickly and now becomes the first Cove in Brazil, South America and The Americas.

“Built in partnership with KSM Realty, the world-class waves breaking in a palm-fringed, white sandy beach lagoon is at the centerpiece of a private residential complex,” said Wavegarden. “(This) sets a new benchmark for how Wavegarden technology can add value to real estate projects.”

While not public-facing like current Coves in Switzerland, Australia, England and South Korea, the Fazenda da Grama project hopes to attract Brazil’s rich and famous with golfing, horses, spa facilities, restaurants, an event space and the usual surf park fare. Guests of residents and those with memberships will be able to surf the pool.

According to Wavegarden, architect Gui Mattos helped create the project adding cutting-edge eco-architecture and implementing sustainable water and energy use capabilities.

drone look at the new praia do grama
Drone look at the new Praia do Grama wave pool. Image by Wavegarden

This project is of interest to the wave pool community as it is the first “exclusive club” model. This type of setup is the anchor for many development projects in California’s desert.

The Wavegarden Cove at Praia do Grama generates surf from the pointy end of its diamond-shaped pool. Cove technology uses modules with secret wave-making components (levers, or paddles) that displace water to push out a wave. This action happens first on the left, then when the arm swings back it does the same for the right, like a wave-making pendulum. The number of modules containing these secret levers determines the intensity and size of the wave. For reference, the Wavegarden Coves in Melbourne and Bristol have 46 modules while the roping barrels of South Korea are the result of a 56-module system. The new Brazilian tub boasts, as mentioned, 52 modules.

It is the second-largest Wavegarden Cove in the world and offers more than 20 different types of waves designed for all levels of surfers. 

“It is so good to have the opportunity to surf so many different kinds of waves,” said João Chumbinho. “To do it in such a beautiful spot, miles from the ocean means this is huge for our sport.”   

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