Surf Lakes provides more details about the Las Vegas project

A few months ago plans were announced for a Surf Lakes pool in Las Vegas. The company had been hinting at something big in the desert and in April CEO Reuben Buchanan posted on Instagram an artists’ mockup for the new Surf Lakes wave pool.

Today Surf Lakes provided more information on licensee Torrey Ward.

“Ward, an entrepreneur from California, and his small team have been working on finding the perfect location and partners and are now in a position to move forward to make this project a reality,” said Surf Lakes. “Ward was one of the first to take out a Surf Lakes Exclusive Territory Agreement with the view to go to full license. He has been a strong advocate of Surf Lakes technology since the waves pulsed in 2018.”

Developers tend to be very cautious at this stage of a project – too much shouting and it can trigger a backlash, too little noise and it can fly under the radar of investors. Torrey Ward went for the big picture in his public statement.

“I want everyone to benefit from and share in this most special place,” said Ward. “And may there be nothing but peace and happiness and fun, in a very safe and secure clean setting for all.” 

The project, known as LVSL (Las Vegas Surf Lakes) describes itself as a wave-healing, earth-art-wave-sanctuary, wave pool, wave casino, spa and super beach club. The company aired a lengthy video complete with SIMS-esque flybys with ocean-surfing scenes splashed in.

640,000 people call The Entertainment Capital of the World home. But it’s the estimated 40 million visitors each year who support the world-famous casinos, clubs, shows and, soon, a wave pool.

“Most would agree that Las Vegas would be one of the best places on earth to develop a Surf Lakes. Vegas boasts year-round warm weather, over 40 million tourists per annum (pre-covid), as well as a growing local population (currently over 2.7m),” added Surf Lakes. “The area along Las Vegas Boulevard and its adjoining near-downtown streets – the famous “Strip” – is the “City Without Clocks,” whose multibillion-dollar economy is devoted to servicing a wide array of impulses and addictions of many kinds.”

Surf Lakes now offers two sizes for different development targets and budgets. Surf Lakes Standard has a smaller footprint and is designed for the beginner to intermediate markets. Surf Lakes XL is meant to be a premium surf destination or resort appealing to all skill levels.

The Surf Lakes prototype in Yeppoon Queensland is working to become a public-facing surf pool.

Ben Player at the Surf Lakes facility in Yeppoon