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Inland resort in Brazil launches ambitious Cove project

Fazenda da Grama Brazil will host South America’s first Wavegarden Cove. The ambitious real estate project by KSM developers is located 2.5 hours inland from the Atlantic Ocean and includes an artificial beach.

Dubbed Praia de Grama, the real estate project will come complete with condos, restaurants, spas and more. But the centerpiece will be a state of the art Wavegarden Cove.

“Our vision extends beyond just providing great waves”, said Oscar Segall, KSM’s founder. “It is a real beach environment where family and friends can gather to share memorable moments and simply enjoy life”.

The wave will be accessible solely to residents and their guests of the Fazenda da Grama condominium development.

The promotional video shows a fitness wonderland complete with sexy Sims characters enjoying a mix of beautiful pools and exercise equipment. The size of the Cove facility is not specified in the company statement.

The company plans 84 lots of land that will go on sale in June of this year. Another 110 lots will become available in October of 2020.

“We really appreciate KSM’s design approach to the entire facility”, explained Wavegarden’s Chief Commercial Officer, Fernando Odriozola. “The landscaping around the Wavegarden Cove is extremely well done; it blends into the natural surroundings to create an authentic beach atmosphere.”

Wavegarden currently has 30 projects in the work on five continents.

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    Brazilian condo project will feature Wavegarden Cove as centerpiece

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