Quick Hit: Digital BSR Surf Resort round up

What’s up down in Texas? Heaps. Including a couple new waves, less Play Doh looking water and some of the biggest airs ever.

Some fun moments from the BSR wave pool so far this year included sessions with Sebastian Zietz, Chippa Wilson, Olvier Kurtz, Sam Piter and Dean Vanderwalle.

The park reopened in late March following a heavy duty water filtration system instal and a few adjustments to their American Wave Machines’ PerfectSwell technology.

Sebastian Zietz got to tweak the control knobs and throw out his own designer wave called the Seabass Ramp. But the most notorious new wave at the park is something called The Freak Peak – a giant sidewave that looks like the perfect backwash.

The Freak Peak became an immediate internet sensation spawingin shares, questions and screaming faced emojis. Filmer Hunter Martinez was on-hand when Shane Borland became the first surfer to land the massive sidewash air section.

And BSR has made the transition to training gym as well. Hurley youth Sam Piter, Winter Vincent and Dean Vanderwalle practiced their air game under the tutelage of master coach Didier Piter.

“We chose BSR mainly for the aerial surfing possibilities and the frequency of the waves which allowed enough repetition to do some corrective coaching work,” said Didier. “I was amazed at the fast progression. As a surf coach this is totally next level.”

Didier said that in the end each surfer had about 150 identical air sections to practice and progress on.

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