Waco shows off new waves, water

Waco wowed the world with its matte torquoise wedges and programmable air section throughout last year. BSR Surf Resort became the de facto Instagram air clip canvas and went as far as to host the Stab High air contest. Now the park is open with a new, elaborate and intensive water treatment system.

The impetus for the water filtration system came after the tragic death of Fabrizio Stabile. The New Jersey surfer ingested the Naegleria fowleri amoeba through his nose. It is very rare and virtually impossible to treat. N fowleri is ubiquitous and found in warm freshwater ponds and lakes throughout the world.

Shortly after Stabile’s death, the park’s owner Stuart Parsons committed to a massive filtration system to defeat the deadly microbe.

He said at the time, “I am announcing that we are going the extra mile and hiring a North Carolina firm to install a state-of-the-art filtration system to make our water as clear and clean as humanly possible.”Now that water filtration system is front and centre of the new wave pool with signs in the park reminding users of the new high-end water treatment program.

The first waves fired off still have an eery blue tinge, but this time they resemble something out of the arctic more than a Play Doh factory. In fact, BSR is calling them “crystal clear waves” and, yes, they do have a definite “crystal” look to them.

The park officially opens tomorrow, March 22. BSR allowed pros, surf celebs and engineers a few surfs to help dial in the waves. American Wave Machines, creators of the tech at BSR was on site tweaking dials and refining the waves.

A new wave, which will no doubt light up the internet in the coming hours is the “Freak Peak” where two waves collide nearly doubling the size of each independent wave. Waves still run in three-wave sets and word is they’ve tweaked it to include a longboard section (waiting for confirmation).

Surfing personality Chris Coté says he got to sample the pool and actually send commands from the water to the control booth to customise his session.

“It’s truly a dream,” he told Derek Rielly at Beach Grit. “You can sit out and there and surf for half an hour on a Lowers’-style right, then surf for half an hour on a Lowers’-style left and then you can, literally, call up the guy controlling the wave, this dude named Brian, just hold your arms up like an O, and he sends you a barrel. It’s crazy how fast it all is.”

We’re waiting for full details and images from BSR and will pass on the info as we get it. In the meantime BSR is now officially open for business. You can book your sessions here.

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