Can Filipe and a total newbie surf the same wave? ‘Yes’ says Urbnsurf

CEO Andrew Ross walks us through just how, exactly, the new Melbourne wave pool will provide surf for several ability levels.

Earlier this year Urbnsurf announced they plan to complete, test and open the doors to their Melbourne wave pool around Easter. And while there have been heaps of questions flung through the social media sphere regarding pricing and access, the big questions is “how will a full-size Wavegarden Cove wave pool operate?”

The 22,000 square meter surfing lagoon is, after all, five times larger than the only other Wavegarden Cove on the planet.

wave pool machine
Roary the wave making machine was named after another famous wave maker, the Roaring Forties.

Up until now, we’ve only received photos of dirt, concrete foundations, a wave machine named Roary and some bluish-toned photos. Good news today as Urbnsurf launched a clip of Andrew Ross explaining how their tech will produce surf for all ability levels.

“Here’s a behind the scenes look at Australia’s first surf park,” Urbnsurf said in a statement. “Our Founder, Andrew Ross explains how our Reef (Advanced) and Peak (Intermediate to Beginner) breaks are created, and the type of waves you can expect to surf out on Airport Drive, Tullamarine, real soon.”

We interviewed Andrew last month about the project and it’s many challenges, particularly about inventing a surf park from scratch.

“All the interfaces between the different areas of the facility and how those relate to customer experience is a challenge,” said Ross. “Resolving this real time when there have been no other examples, has been quite a challenge. But having done all that, it’s good to have the experience and apply it to our projects in Australia and actually abroad.”

For more on the intricacies of opening Australia’s first public wave pool, check out the full interview with Andrew Ross here.

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