Canadian Cove seeks home dead center between slopes and big city

A new wave pool is being planned for the wild and woolly shores of Canada. The new surf spot will be relatively close to both Vancouver Island’s thriving surf scene (anchored around surf spots Tofino Bay and Jordan River) and the cosmopolitan crush of Vancouver.

South Britannia Beach, just 45 minutes north of Vancouver, is expecting a Wavegarden Cove at the center of a larger development called Tiger Bay if all goes according to plan.

Halfway between Whistler and Vancouver, it’s a savvy location as one could theoretically ski in the morning, surf the Cove in the afternoon then sit down to samosas and curry in downtown Vancouver for dinnertime. The drive from slopes to the city is just 90 minutes along the famous Sea-to-Sky Highway.

As a full-size Wavegarden Cove, it could hold up to 100 surfers in the lineup at a time. The project will benefit greatly from trailblazers Urbnsurf in Australia and The Wave in Bristol England who will have worked out any kinks in their full-size Coves by the time Tiger Bay navigates the lengthy approval process from the agencies that be.

South Britannia Beach low-impact condo
While the wave pool will be the centerpiece of the development, the company says they will build a limited number of townhomes and low-rise condos.

“Traditionally, people built a golf course. Golf courses take up a lot of space, cost a lot of money to run,” Tony Petricevic, of Tiger Bay Development, told Western Investor. “Surf parks, they take up much less space, they’re a lot more exciting and you really sort of are adapting to the clientele. We think it’s a good fit for the location, just outside of Squamish and close to Vancouver.”

Developers said the six-acre wave pool would be open all year. However, keeping 100 surfers in the lineup during a Canadian winter does present a host of challenges including ice, snow and mandatory 6-millimeter wetsuits.

Along with the surf park, Tiger Bay’s ambitious plan seeks to build 190 rooms for tourists which they say will add 400 to 600 jobs over the 25-year build of the full development.

On South Britannia’s website, the group behind Tiger Bay describe themselves as “A small team of surfers, outdoorsmen, creatives, and collaborators who have a vision to transform an old gravel pit into a complete, adventure-focused community.”

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