Second Surf Lakes wave pool planned for England

This week the Surf X Inland Surfing project debuted to the world, shaking up the middle part of England and the European wave pool sphere simultaneously.

This project splits from the current Wavegarden Cove craze that is populating the globe (30 projects planned to date) and banks its future on the Surf Lakes technology – that giant plunger in the Australian scrub endorsed by Occy, Barton and crew.

“We are a team of surf enthusiasts and entrepreneurs working on bringing surfing to the East Midlands,” said Scott Graham of Surf X. “Our traditionally landlocked area of the country isn’t the first place you would think for surfing, but the Olympic standard facility will make surfing accessible to everyone and brings tourism and jobs to the area.”

Occy on the left at surf lakes
Occy on the left at the Surf Lakes test facility in Australia

The East Midlands itself is a poetic mix of the utilitarian (most of England’s cement production) and myth, it’s a stone’s throw from Nottingham Forest (you know, like in Robin Hood). The site will include a 20-acre wave pool facility with skateparks, event spaces, food, beverage outlets, accommodation, shops, MMA, BMX track and more.

“I founded Surf X with the vision of incorporating surfing into everyday life for people in the Midlands and beyond,” added Graham. “More places to learn, train, compete, get inspired and enjoy perfect waves year-round. This new generation facility provides authentic surf-experiences for all ages and abilities.

The project plans to use Surf Lakes technology which works with a central plunger that pushes out a wave in 360 degrees (visualise a stone dropped in a pond). The waves fan out and meet custom-built bathymetry to produce peaks, slabs beach breaks and a variety of other types of breaks. The company’s branding is on the principal that they deliver 5 Wave Technology. The town of Bournemouth, at the south end of England is planning on a Surf Lakes facility as well.

surf suitable for beginners and learners
The Surf Lakes tech produces surf suitable for beginners and intermediates

Other English towns dancing with wave pool developments in various stages include Birmingham, London and Bristol. There’s also Snowdonia Adventure Parc in Nearby Wales and Edinburgh just north in Scotland.

No ground breaking date or completed by dates have been given. Stay tuned for more details as the project develops.

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