Coaching system targets wave pool set with dedicated content

Pactto just released a new page dedicated to teaching people the ins and outs of wave pools, starting with Waco Surf. The company said that after months of working with surfers from all levels trying to progress in wave pools they’ve decided to share a ton of details to help anyone interested in progressing in their surfing.

“It’s simply incredible to see the progress these surfers made,” said Pactto CEO Demian Borba. “Everyone is surfing a lot better. Wave pools are changing the speed of progression like never before, and with more pools, they will continue to hyper-accelerate the future of the sport.”

Austin Surfer Jacob Goforth said the program helped him at his local pool, Waco Surf.

“Waco Surf is the perfect place to use the platform,” said Jacob. “From multiple vantage points to gather my own clips without a filmer, to having a consistent wave to practice and work on the tips given. The wave slows things down and lets you really work on your form. So if you’re visiting Waco with hopes to improve, you may as well get the proper tips instead of reinforcing the same bad habits over and over.” I know my surfing wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of Pactto and Waco Surf.”

Pactto said the company also offers specific coaches for specific areas. Surfers can remotely work with Occy to improve style, or work with 15x US national champion Rick Takahashi on power turns. Former CT pro Damien Hobgood has been enlisted as well to help with barrel riding.

“Every piece of feedback is personal, contextual to each surfer.” added Demian. “Pactto offers tools for coaches and a marketplace for learners seeking to improve their surfing. Our technology will continue to get better, there is a ton of investment in AI and automation to make it even more contextual, even more efficient.”