Double Dutch: 24/7 construction in The Hague with new pool planned for Roermond

We’ve been tracking the development of the Surf Pool wave pool project in The Hague since its inception in 2018. Despite delays caused by COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions, the project has steadily progressed. If all goes according to plan, the bustling surf community of Scheveningen on the North Sea will soon enjoy a consistent, ready-made wave using 24/7 Waves technology.

Twelve weeks ago, the company announced the commencement of their wave maker’s construction. An Instagram post from the company stated, “The coming weeks are all about the construction of the wave maker, installation of the machine, and electrical installation. After that, we can fill the SurfPoel.”

Construction Update: The SurfPoel Project

The project’s website has provided the following updates:

  • Motor and Drive System: The installation of the motor and drive system, which is essential for generating waves, has been completed.
  • Wavemaker Steel Structure: The construction of the wavemaker’s steel structure is in progress, signifying a critical stage in the project’s development.
  • Water Purification System: The facility’s water purification system has been successfully connected to the municipal sewer system, ensuring that the water in the SurfPoel meets health and safety regulations.
  • Access Stairs to Platforms: Stairs have been built to facilitate easy access to the wave pool platforms, thereby improving safety and convenience for surfers.

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Electrical Installation for Wavemaker: The forthcoming phase involves installing the electrical systems that will power the wavemaker, a vital step toward the facility’s operational readiness.
  • Waterproofing the Wavemaker: Waterproofing the wavemaker is crucial to produce optimal waves and ensure the facility’s efficiency and safety.
The surf-stoked region of Scheveningen is eagerly awaiting the indoor pool which has made significant progress in 2023, as cataloged in the company’s Instagram feed.

Technology Overview:

The technology behind Surf Poel is a foil-and-track system designed for use within a large rectangular warehouse. The pool will measure 72 meters (230 feet) in length and 18 meters (60 feet) in width, with a maximum depth of 2.5 meters (8 feet). The structure housing the pool spans a considerable 2,400 square meters (approximately 7,800 square feet) and will incorporate shipping containers and a timber beach to create the surrounding amenities.

On a broader scale, the company aims to replicate their design in other locations worldwide. The local surf scene in Scheveningen is vibrant, with a dedicated group of Dutch and visiting German surfers frequenting the lineups throughout the year. Surf Poel is set to provide a much-needed source of reliable surf to the region and will be situated in The Hague.

Moreover, the company is planning another wave pool named Surfpark Area-X in Marina Oolderhuuske, Roermond, located in the southern Netherlands, bordered by Germany and Belgium. This development is envisioned to include an outdoor wave pool catering to beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.