Waco Surf unveils plans for Landlock Festival

Waco Surf will host the first-ever Landlock Festival from May 3 to May 5, 2024. The event concept comes from Matt Bizer, co-founder of the Luck Reunion music festival, and will combine competitive inland surfing, diverse live music, and a variety of culinary offerings, all centered around surf culture.

At the heart of the festival’s undertaking is Mike Schwaab, General Manager and Co-Owner of Waco Surf.

“We’re beyond stoked to partner with Noise Frontier to showcase all that our weird property has to offer,” said Mike. “We’ve been searching for the perfect production partner to bring an event like this to life, and it took one trip to Luck Reunion to understand that Matt and Noise Frontier were unmatched in the space.”

Landlock festival
Mostly what we see at Waco Surf is just the pool. But the property is huge, hosting a lazy river, slides, several ponds, cabins, houses and open space. The owners will use the acreage to its full potential to accommodate the music festival. Photo Waco Surf.

The festival will put a spotlight on Waco Surf’s amenities by hosting over 20 musical acts across three stages and featuring pro competitions in the Surf Lagoon. Additional sports demonstrations, including professional skateboarding, will be part of the event’s attractions.

“The moment I set foot on the Waco Surf property I knew what my next project would be,” said Matt Bizer. “Between the location and the team in Waco, it is an indescribable Texas-surf-fantasy-land and the perfect setting for the kind of intimate music and culture experience that I want to be a part of.”

Landlock Festival will offer VIP packages, which include exclusive meet-and-greets with artists and surfers, as well as access to VIP chef dinners. The full lineup for the Landlock Festival is set to be announced in January, with tickets going on sale soon after the reveal.

For current information and updates, the festival advises visiting the official website or following the event on social media.

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