Council simultaneously approves and dismantles surf park

Planning permission was granted this week for the Brocks Pine wave pool in Dorset. Yay! However, the same council in Dorset simultaneously added it will not enter into commercial discussions to include the surf park as part of future site plans – effectively hamstringing the project.

“We are all feeling like a child that’s been told good news, but also told not to get too excited, but is clearly getting very excited,” Sorted Surf Shop posted to the Brocks Pine Instagram account.

Here’s what happened as we understand it.

Originally submitted in November 2021, the plan aimed to create a surf park, extend the country park, and add a new visitor center and amenities. When the developers met resistance, they resubmitted the plans minus a skate park and a glamping area.

The council held off on deciding on the fate of the proposed park. Following a detailed inquiry in November and December 2023, the developer, W. H. White Ltd, appealed the council’s failure to decide within the statutory period, 18 months after submitting an appeal against the “non-determination” of the planning application for Brocks Pine.

The Daily Echo reported this week that Dorset Council had made their decision and announced it will not include the wave pool in future plans.

“While this is great news and a huge milestone, Dorset Council has today said it will not now honor its agreement to enter into commercial discussion around the inclusion of the Avon Heath Country Park as part of the plans,” said Brocks Pine in a statement. “It should be noted that while Dorset Council owns the Avon Heath Country Park, the land proposed for the surf lagoon and 14.7 Ha SANG (country park extension), is in private ownership.”

Despite the setback, the developers said they would begin looking to partner with a wave technology company and also take time to review the decision and consider next steps. The glimmer of hope for the wave pool rests in the private ownership of the property – about which we know very little.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the proposals and hope to provide an update later in the summer.”

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