LIVE Discussion: What kind of changes to the surf industry and talent business models will we see?

Brands are increasingly recognizing the potential of wave pools, as evidenced by Swatch’s recent involvement in Waco, indicating a growing trend of companies seeking to tap into new customer bases through surf parks. While Rip Curl has expanded globally, Quik/Boardrider’s presence is notably limited to Switzerland, suggesting a varied approach to market penetration. Industry consultants predict a significant evolution in the relationship between wave pools and the surf industry over the next decade, with even more impact on digital surf media and the professional athletes it supports.

This Friday Session round table discussion features Brendan Buckley (Buck), the founder of Surf Custom and Editor at Large for Stab, and joining Buck is pro surfer/skimboarder Blair Conklin. These two salted veterans of the surf space will share their knowledge of how surfing is evolving with the advent of wave pools.

Buck represents two spheres that work hand-in-hand with each other – the Surf Industry and Surf Media. He worked for years in marketing at Quiksilver, before spending time behind the editor’s desk at Stab. Blair comes from two worlds as well, being both a gifted surfer and world champion skimboarder. He is also a very successful digital content creator.

This discussion will cover everything from surfers generating value for their sponsors to endemic surf brand presence in surf parks as well as the surf industry’s overall ‘vibe check’ on wave parks. Join us.

How to view: Hit this special studio link when we go LIVE wherever you are in the world.

Friday Session for February 23
8am Honolulu
10am San Diego
6pm Lisbon
7pm Paris