Crest Surf Clubs brand launches, eyes Long Island as first venue

Long Islanders Chris and Brett Portera announced the launch of Crest Surf Clubs: a members-only social club with a state-of-the-art wave venue. The $35 million project, which was originally named Long Island Surf Park, will now be called Crest New York.

“We are thrilled that, after seven years, we now have our approvals, our expert team, and our first site ready to go” said Chris, the elder Portera and co-CEO. “We’ve traveled the world visiting wave venues and private clubs, hired the best designers and engineers, and put together a best-in-class team, and tonight we announce the fruit of our labor: Crest Surf Clubs will be the only combination social club/surfing venue in the world.”

Following seven years of development under the banner “Long Island Surf Park”, the soon-to-be-built surf club is rebranded to Crest New York, part of the overall Crest Surf Clubs company and brand. Crest New York will deliver the highly anticipated surfing facility in 2024; construction will commence in late 2022 or early 2023.

The new facility, located in Shirley, NY – less than 20 minutes from the Hamptons – will be the first of its kind, having secured an exclusive wave generation technology license that will allow for “custom” waves ranging from beginner to pro-level abilities. The tri-state area’s thousands of surfers will now have the option to pursue the perfect wave close to home – while enjoying the amenities that only a private club can provide, including a glass-enclosed restaurant overlooking the wave pool, a spa, world class surf coaching, and concierge services.

“We’ve done our market research, based in large part on our database of thousands of interested surfers in the tri-state area, and believe this business model is the right fit,” says Brett Portera, co-CEO and the driving force behind Crest Surf Clubs.

Crest New York will be a highly curated surfing experience for community of like-minded people who share a love of surfing. To craft this, expert wave venue experience designer Adrian Tobin joined as a co-founder and the head of experience of Crest Surf Clubs. Adrian has designed wave venue experiences around the world, including Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Northern California and Alaia Bay at the base of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.

“Crest Surf Clubs will offer the ultimate luxury as a surfer,” said Adrian. “The ability to ride uncrowded perfect waves at an idyllic local break, with your people, whenever you want. I’m stoked to partner with Chris, Brett and our team to bring this experience to the New York surfing community first, before we take it to surfers around the world.”

All Crest Surf Club facilities will be constructed to operate in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. It is also a fundamental principle of the Crest Surf Clubs brand to inspire and support local communities through programs, donations, and other opportunities to enhance the quality of life wherever there is a Crest Surf Club.