Surf Park Awards name judging panel

Surf Park Central announced this year’s panel of judges for the 2022 Surf Park Awards.

The annual awards ceremony is the closing event of Surf Park Summit, and it highlights the best of the growing surf park industry. This year, companies and organizations related to creating, operating or working with human-made waves submitted applications fitting in line with three categories:

  1. Innovation in surfing progression
  2. Sustainability
  3. Democratizing access to surf for more people

Organizations and companies submitted a written application and a video which will be judged by surfing legends and industry experts and leaders, including:

  • Debbie Beacham
  • Izzy Tihanyi
  • Brandon Lowery
  • Ian Cairns
  • Shaun Tomson
  • Peter Townend
  • Jess Ponting

The judges are reviewing all applications and will announce winners Tuesday afternoon at Surf Park Summit. 

To learn more about the awards and Surf Park Summit, visit here.