Dozens of clips from South Korea’s new wave pool plus a rising surf star

As images keep coming in hot from the world’s newest wave pool in South Korea, we kept noticing a snappy young goofyfoot populating the Instagram posts. The 16-year-old surfer is Jae Ung Seol, a mystery grom to many, but a rising star in South Korea.

“I live on Jeju Island, and I’ve been surfing for four years now,” Jae told us. “I usually surf at Jungmun Beach. It’s on the southern coast of Jeju Island and in the winter season I usually go to Yang Yang or on a trip abroad. Yang yang is in the northeast of South Korea. It’s really, really cold.”

The wave pool in Siheung will officially open to the public on Thursday, October 8th. The overall development cost is half a billion Euros and will include a hotel, convention center, marina, and Ferris wheel. Siheung, long-known as an industrial manufacturing hub, is looking to transform itself into a tourism and leisure center. The wave pool is the first phase of the project. When everything else is completed, the Turtle Island development anticipates two million visitors per year.

“I surfed so many times in the wave park and I tried so many different types of waves. The wave is so perfect. My favorite is Beast Mode and the Turns 6 wave. We got barrels, we did turns. If the waves are really flat at home, I will come to visit here and try some new tricks.”

You can follow Jae Ung Seol’s antics on Instagram right here.

If you’re lucky enough to be in South Korea, Wave Park is in Siheung, Gyeonggi province one-hour by car from Seoul, or 20 minutes from Songdo. It’s a 40 minute trip from the area’s main train station at Gwangmyeong.

We’ve collected a dozen YouTube clips from first-person visits to Wave Park to help sate your curiosity and stoke.