German championships go down in Berlin’s favorite standing wave pool

Germany is a stoked country. With five wave pools planned in the next few years, the land of Kraftwerk and Struwwelpeter (the first modern children’s book) is fast-tracking its way to becoming a legit surf country. Pools planned for Krefeld, Berlin, Stade, Hallbergmoos, and most recently the Ruhr area are likely to bring the fictional Rick Kane/North Shore scenario to life before it happens in Arizona.

Until then, surfing for Germany’s estimated 400,000 surfers is done on trips to the coast or in rivers. The most famous river wave is the Eisbach in Munich but the proliferation of standing wave pools across the country ensure daily surf sessions for many. Recently the citywave design at Wellenwerk-Surfen in Berlin hosted one of Germany’s biggest surf comps to date, the German National Rapid Surfing Championships.

Janina Zeitler Women's podium from the German Standing Wave Championships
Janina Zeitler on her way to victory in Berlin. Photo by Miguel Sacramento

In the women’s draw Rosina Neuerer, came in 3rd, ahead of junior champion Celine Dornick while 1st and 2nd was a battle royal between Janina Zeitler and Valeska Schneider. Janina eventually took the win.

Lenni Weinhold, one of the big favorites for the title, dropped out early. This paved the way for a big surprise in the event as 12-year-old Antonin Meier rose through the ranks to the runner-up position. First place went to 17-year-old Nicolas Marusa as Joshi Holy rounded out 3rd place with Lennard Weinhold in 4th place.

Women's podium from the German Standing Wave Championships
From left to right: Valeska Schneider, Janina Zeitler and Rosina Neuerer. Photo by Miguel Sacramento

Full results below:

Open Women:
1st Janina Zeitler
2nd Valeska Schneider
3rd Rosina Neuerer

Open Men:
1st Nicolas Marusa
2nd Antonin Meier
3rd Joshi Holy

Junior Girls:
1st Celine Dornick
2nd Lilly Weinhold
3rd Lana Büßinger

Junior Boys:
1st Antonin Meier
2nd Konstantin Leugermann
3rd Maximilian Lex

1st Andreas Lammerer
2nd Fritz Hollweck
3rd Christoph Engelbrecht

Hero image by Annette Flavia Matt

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