Endless Surf Fires Off First Waves: Unveiling Next-Gen Surf Technology at O2

When you think about Munich, surfing is probably not what comes to mind. You may not realize that the city known for its Oktoberfest celebrations, is completely surf-crazed with a unique river surfing scene thanks to the Eisbach river wave in the middle of town. However, Munich’s landlocked geography makes surfing anything outside of this stationary wave difficult. Until now…

The World’s Newest Surf Park in Munich Releases its First Waves

Endless Surf, the wave technology featured at O2 SURFTOWN MUC, officially unveiled its first waves, marking the imminent arrival of Germany’s first surf park. Ever since project announcements made headlines in 2021, German and European surfers have been anxiously awaiting world-class, ocean-like waves on-command.

With images and videos of first waves now flooding the internet, the excitement is palpable as the city has the next generation of wave pool technology at its fingertips. These first waves already showcase what Endless Surf technology is uniquely capable of when it comes to quality, operational flexibility, and section customization.

Endless Surf o2 Surftown MUC
One of Germany’s favorite sons (by way of Costa Rica) Leon Glatzer tests one of several developing air sections.

“This technology is a game-changer for the future of surfing” said Leon Glatzer, professional surfer, Olympian and Red Bull athlete who was among the lucky few that got to experience first waves in Munich. “Seeing first waves break in my hometown was a truly unforgettable experience. It was incredible to see the precision and power that ES holds while working alongside engineers to fine-tune waves. They’ve already created insane wave settings, just barely scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible. The flexibility and variety of this pool is amazing – it will keep surfers stoked and always coming back for more.”

Paul Chutter, President and Co-Founder of Endless Surf reiterated how transformative these first waves are.

“Firing off first waves and witnessing the unrivaled flexibility and control of our technology in action has been such a special moment. Not only for the dedicated teams behind this project, but for the numerous destinations worldwide that are set to showcase Endless Surf tech. We’re honored to work alongside the dynamic team behind SURFTOWN and to play our part in solidifying Munich as a surfing hub within Europe.”

Endless Surf o2 Surftown MUC
Endless Surf’s ES34 lagoon has 34 wave generating caissons which are activated with specialized software to produce a wide variety of waves.

Featuring the Most Flexible and Responsive Technology Ever Seen

As the heart of O2 SURFTOWN MUC, the ES34 lagoon showcases 34 wave generating caissons that offer powerful and customizable waves thanks to Endless Surf’s robust pneumatic hardware paired with its proprietary software suite.

From coached sessions with mellow beginner waves to free-surf sessions with airsections and barrels, there will truly be a wave for every skill level and surf style at O2 SURFTOWN MUC. At their max, waves can be generated up to 2.1m in height and up to 18s in length on Single Peak mode.

Clement Ginestet, Chief Technology Officer and one of the visionaries behind Endless Surf said it was great to see the surf come to life.

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve created in Munich, as the vision we’ve had for ES from the beginning is proving itself in real life,” said Clement. “The possibilities are truly endless, giving us precision and control like never before seen in a wave pool. The last few years we’ve been bombarded with questions asking if the system will work as promised. The answer is yes, and we’re only just seeing the beginning of its capabilities.”

Although this is the world’s first Endless Surf lagoon, it is not the company’s first go around at delivering large scale wave pools. Endless Surf’s parent company WhiteWater, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of aquatic entertainment, holds decades of experience building hundreds of wave pools since 1987.

The launch of Endless Surf was a natural progression, taking the best of their tried and tested technology and innovating to create waves specific to surfing that boast incredible power, customization potential, and operating flexibility.

Endless Surf o2 Surftown MUC
The wave pool signals a huge shift in how and when German surfers get to surf.

First Waves Are Just the Beginning

This marks the first of over a dozen projects in development all around the globe for Endless Surf. A vast majority of these projects feature ES technology with nearly 75% more wave generating caissons – translating to more customizability and longer rides of up to 32s and their max.

With the surf park industry growing at a rapid pace and with Endless Surf’s first waves in operation, the company is well positioned to transform the future of inland surfing for both developers and consumers alike.

The company states that its goal is to ‘help developers create world-class surf destinations that are both viable and sustainable businesses.’

Endless Surf o2 Surftown MUC
Construction began in 2022. The grand opening of O2 SURFTOWN MUC is slated for summer 2024.

For O2 SURFTOWN MUC, Michi Mohr, Chief Surfing Officer notes how special this project is for German surfers.

“For surfers in Munich and across Germany it’s always been very difficult to access waves, which is why we’ve created a place that addresses this need,” said Michi. “We’re going to have professionals training here who have very high expectations, as well as plenty of intermediates and beginners looking to progress and learn in a safe environment. As we push out first waves and witness all the possibilities for all skill levels, it is truly remarkable to see our dream come to fruition.”

Breaking ground in July 2022, construction moved quickly throughout the last year and half, transforming a plot in the Munich Business Park in Hallbergmoos, next to Munich International Airport, into Germany’s first surf park. Now with the lagoon filled, wave commissioning has commenced and finishing touches are being put on the world-class facility that will soon generate waves for surfers throughout Germany, Europe, and beyond.

The grand opening of O2 SURFTOWN MUC is slated for summer 2024 when the venue and surf sessions will be made available to the public.