First Glimpse: Endless Surf technology produces first waves

Today Endless Surf announced that “first waves” have rolled out for their much-anticipated technology. Images captured on site at the o2 SURFTOWN MUC surf park show several glassy, reeling right-handers. The venue is the first of several to complete its Endless Surf wave pool construction.

“Seeing our first waves roll out across the lagoon is a special moment, and we are so stoked to be making our global debut alongside o2 SURFTOWN MUC,” said Endless Surf in a statement. “Years of hard work and dedication by our visionary wave engineers are coming to reality and we could not be more proud to play our part in bringing world-class waves to this impressive surf venue.”

Endless first waves on page
Endless Surf released several images and a video clip (see below) of the first waves produced by their system.

A World-Class Surf Venue in the Making

Now near its grand opening, o2 SURFTOWN MUC  is gearing up to deliver waves on command for the surf-crazed city that is Munich. At the heart of the SURFTOWN venue is the Endless Surf ES34 lagoon featuring 34 wave generating caissons that will offer powerful and customizable surf pushed out by  pneumatic hardware and a unique, proprietary software suite

The company said wave settings will suite all levels of abilities and offer everything from coached sessions with mellow beginner waves to free-surf sessions with heavy barrels and air sections,  At their max, waves will be generated up to 2.1m in height and up to 18s in length on Single Peak mode.

What’s the Rest of the Timeline? (When can you surf?)

“Since we have filled the lagoon and started firing off first waves, tuning and customization can begin,” the company said. “During this phase, Endless Surf’s many wave patterns and flexible operating modes will be set up, tested and harmonized to start brining the endless possibilities to life.” 

Once wave commissioning wraps up, SURFTOWN MUC will begin their pre-opening phase, where the first lucky surfers who have purchased surf packages will be able to experience Germany’s first surf park. After that o2 SURFTOWN MUC anticipates a grand opening in July 2024, when they will officially open to the public.

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