Firewire and Kelly Slater launch performance mid-length

Slater Designs, in collaboration with Firewire Surfboards, has introduced the BOSS UP, a new performance midlength surfboard model created by 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater and surfboard designer Dan Mann.

The BOSS UP, an evolution of the popular S BOSS model, is designed for a variety of conditions and aims to provide surfers with a versatile option for cruising, catching waves, and having fun. Available in sizes ranging from 6’6” to 7’6”, the board offers a longer rail line that enhances sensations of drive and control, allowing surfers to improve their performance capabilities.

According to Mann, the longer rail line of the BOSS UP encourages surfers to learn good fundamentals while also having fun on the water.

“Long rail lines force you to learn good fundamentals, but they’re also just pure fun,” explained Dan Mann. “The BOSS UP offers an incredible mix of progressing your performance capabilities and maximizing the fun you can have in a single session. I surprised Kelly with the BOSS UP. He didn’t know we were working on a performance midlength until I showed him the first sample. And thankfully, he wasn’t just surprised, he was stoked.”

To optimize performance, Slater and Mann recommend pairing the BOSS UP with fin options from Kelly’s signature Endorfins range, such as the ‘Twin + 2’ template for small waves and the KS1 template for larger waves in a quad configuration. The board is built with I-Bolic Technology and is designed to cater to surfers of all skill levels and wave types.

The BOSS UP is now available for purchase at authorized retail locations and online at Firewire Surfboards’ website. Surf enthusiasts can also test drive the board at Firewire’s Demo Days events or rent it through the Firewire Fleets program in the future.