From Mad Max to Mad Relax: The Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast redesign

Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast Pty Ltd unveiled new designs for their approved surf resort. Collaborating with sports innovation agency Kinlab and architectural firm NBRS, Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast has developed an immersive surf retreat aimed at providing surfers with optimal conditions and guests with a relaxing environment. 

The centerpiece of the development will be a commercially upgraded Surf Lake featuring larger waves (up to 2.6m face height) and longer rides (up to 15 seconds). The upgraded machine will also be quieter and run on renewable electricity. Additionally, enhancements to the bathymetry and a reinforced concrete lake bed will improve wave quality, while a water treatment system will ensure clean water.

The resort will include a progression and wellness center for coaching and relaxation, as well as dining areas with sunset views. Visitors will have access to break-out rooms for 1-on-1 video feedback, a pavilion for mobility work or training, hot and cold plunge pools, and a skate ramp. Future plans for the 90-acre site include lodging with up to 250 bedrooms, camping or caravan sites, festivals, additional food and beverage options, retail spaces, a skate park, scuba pool, and a renewable energy facility. 

surf lakes resort renders

The resort will be located in the Capricorn Coast region, known for its tropical climate and various tourist attractions, including The Great Barrier Reef, Capricorn Cave system, national parks, islands, and pristine beaches. The region also offers wildlife sanctuaries, golf courses, and a range of adventure activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skydiving, and snorkeling. Surf Lakes said they aim to provide uncrowded waves on demand for locals, tourists, surfers, families, and corporate groups, enhancing the region’s appeal as a destination for surf enthusiasts and leisure travelers alike.

“Our vision is simple; to set new expectations for a surf experience and create memories that last a lifetime,” said Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast CEO, Lewis Glynn. “With such a rich surfing heritage, we believe Australia deserves this facility. Our design objective has been to curate an immersive surf and stay experience that best compliments the location.” 

“The location is close to our hearts,” continued Lewis. “With tranquil surrounds and a tropical climate, we have hosted many private weekends for potential investors to surf and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Our only regret has been our restricted ability to share this experience with the public.” 

Discussions with capital partners are ongoing, with construction expected to begin once funded. Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast Pty Ltd (SLCC) is a subsidiary of Surf Lakes Global Inc (SLG). Surf Lakes officially transitioned to a United States-based corporation with the successful completion of a Scheme of Arrangement process. The newly formed Surf Lakes Global, Inc., headquartered in Delaware, now serves as the parent company to Surf Lakes. This move is designed to capitalize on the expansive US market and facilitate the company’s growth.