First waves roll out at Surf Lakes

In a social media post, the Australian company Surf Lakes released the first images of waves at their Queensland facility.

“The wait is over… here’s a sneak peek at our “5 Wave” surf technology,” the company said. “More to come in the next few days!”

The new facility creates five different waves simultaneously as a central hub wave-maker (often referred to as a plunger) pushes out swell in 360 degrees. The waves then fan out across five different breaks, a slab, a beachie, Occy’s Peak, a point and a beginner break.

Can we go surfing, like, now?

“Although it will not initially be open to the public, it will be the first proper surf park in Australia,” the company said in a statement.

As the project moves forward Surf Lakes reiterated that this is a private demonstration facility and surfing will be strictly limited to staff, shareholders, potential licensees and via the director’s invitation.

“We are looking into the regulatory and council requirements to open it to the general public and will keep you informed. Our long-term vision is to build a Surf Lake in every major city in the world.”

The “Slab” wave at Surf Lakes looks really challenging. The company promised more details (and images) on Monday. Stay Tuned!

In an earlier interview with Wave Pool Mag Surf Lakes explained how they will produce 2,400 surf-able waves per hour.

We have 8 breaks, so when we run 6 waves per set, this gives 48 rides per set, so running 50 sets per hour gives 2400 rides, plus learner breaks and shore breaks,” said Aaron Trevis, the mastermind behind Surf Lakes.

“The demo will not be running sets every minute, but we can add power later to increase the frequency of sets. Operators who run our Surf Parks can dial up a range of productivity options to suit the crowd, as well as run swell sizes to match the customer needs. For example, If they have a lake full of primary school children, there is no point running 8-foot barrels, so can wind down the size, which will actually increase the productivity even further.”

Surf Lakes Tech Specs

Lake Size:                                          200m long x 150m wide
Maximum Depth:                            10m (33ft) at core
Water Volume:                                 60ml to 75ml
Number of Outer Breaks:               8 (4 lefts and 4 rights)
Number of Learner Breaks:           3
Maximum Wave Height:                 2.4m (face height)
Water type:                                        Chlorinated


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