Pros try new slab wave pool setting at Wavegarden Cove

Christmas in October as Wavegarden plays Santa with new wave pool settings

During some down days at the Quiksilver Pro France Filipe Toledo along with friends, Miguel Pupo and Ian Gouveia tested Wavegarden’s brand spanking new Cove settings.

The new high-performance waves, which include a barrel wave, a slab, and an aerial section, reaffirmed to the touring pros that a day trip from Hossegor down to Pais Vasco Spain is well worth it.

“In recent months our fluid dynamics department has focused on improving the main Reef waves by altering the bathymetry,” said Wavegarden.

Pro Feedback Vital to Development

“The pros’ feedback has always been instrumental in guiding the evolution of the menu of waves available and the engineering team was eager to see how the surfers performed.”

Wavegarden stated their Cove technology including the new slab wave pool setting, offers approximately 30 different types of waves for beginners, intermediates and experienced surfers. Waves and settings are chosen by manipulating a single button.

“Every year, haha, I’m here!” said a frothing Filipe Toledo. “The waves are really flat (at the Quiksilver Pro France). I got the invite to come here and try the new slab and the new waves.”


map of wavegarden projects across the globe

Current and upcoming Wavegarden projects featuring the Cove design

The slab setting offers a great take-off-to-tube with a nice ramp upon exiting the pit. Filipe mixed it up with alley-oops, stabs and carves, his light frame fitting perfectly in the wave pool waves. Pupo and Gouveia lit up the pool in similar fashion (don’t believe us? Check the clip below!)

“The variety this year is bigger,” added Toledo. “We were trying a wave with a barrel and then an air section at the end which was really fun. I think the wave is more powerful too. The slab wave we have is a proper slab. The longer barrel feels like V-Land, like we’re just surfing V-Land or something.”

However, the slab wave pool setting also proved a challenge for the visiting Brazilians, with a few of the surfers taking their lumps.

Upcoming Wavegardens Will Be Bigger

Of note is that this is the small Wavegarden Cove technology. Most of the planned facilities throughout the world including Bristol, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney will be larger. Much larger.

“Although the Cove at our private demo center is only 20% of the size of a standard commercial facility, Urbnsurf is bringing the first full-size Wavegarden Cove to Melbourne, Australia,” said Wavegarden. “The facility is under construction and will open to the public early next year.”

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