FlowRider enters the rapid wave pool market

Sheet-wave pioneers FlowRider entered the deep-water standing wave market this week with the launch of FlowSurf. The product launch puts FlowRider alongside other wave pool technologies like EpicSurf, Ka’ana, Citywave and Unit.

According to the company, FlowSurf looks a bit different than the average product in the FlowRider lineup. FlowSurf is created using a deep flow of water, which enables riders to use a real surfboard to carve a never-ending wave.

“River waves, which FlowSurf is modeled after, provide an amazing and fun experience on a surfboard where you cut and carve a continuous deep flow wave,” says Marshall Myrman, president of FlowRider. “Surfers of all levels will be able to work on their skills and have an absolute blast on this wave.”

FlowSurf is designed to accommodate all skill levels, and includes removable bar placement to help beginners gain confidence on the wave. Skilled surfers get the experience of riding a standing wave that keeps pumping endlessly.

The company says the Waimea River Wave is the inspiration for FlowSurf.

FlowSurf by FlowRider
Unlike a FlowRider, FlowSurf allows users to ride traditional surfing equipment.

“This wave is created by surfers when the Waimea River overflows into the ocean, and the result is a silky-smooth surface that surfers can carve on,” said Eliza Dawson, design and development engineer at FlowRider. “We knew that to create the best possible ride experience, we needed to replicate the incredibly smooth flow found in some naturally occurring river waves, which is a huge challenge in a stationary wave system since pumps introduce turbulence. To solve this problem, we took inspiration from nature. We observed that the roots of mangrove trees have a smoothing effect on water which inspired the water smoothing technology used in the ride.”

Surfing is one of the fastest-growing sports. Growing at 12% yearly, global surfing markets are projected to be worth $3.1B by 2026. FlowRider anticipates a growing market for surf experiences outside the ocean by making the sport more accessible to people who live inland or even those near the ocean. Surfside bars help provide ROI to developers and are becoming more commonplace at venues across the globe.

There are more than 200 FlowRiders installed across the globe, but being a sheet wave, riders have to use special equipment. The FlowBoard is like a truncated snowboard without fins. Rapid waves (also known as standing waves and deepwater stationary waves) allow users to use traditional surfing equipment. For a full list of today’s Rapid Wave Pool Technology, see below.