Flowstate adds photography to their product offerings

Flowstate has officially released its new AI automated photography product after successful soft launches at Fireside Surf Dallas and URBNSURF Sydney. The product, which has proven popular with surfers in the USA and Australia, uses award-winning AI models to identify highlight moments on a wave and generate still image frame grabs from video source files.

The AI photography product can be offered as a standalone product or bundled with the existing video offering. The bundled video + photo package has quickly become the number one selling content product at both pools, resulting in increased revenue for Flowstate. The new feature is designed to offer a photography product at an affordable price point, perfect for sharing on social media.

“The addition of AI photos on the Flowstate platform has been a seamless way for the customer to have their highlight moments magically snapped for them and for URBNSURF to increase our average Flowstate basket size by 16%,” said Tyson Rose, Senior Manager- Commercial Projects, URBNSURF Group.

Surfers who purchase the AI photography product can expect to receive 3 images from each wave, with a minimum of 5 ‘keepers’ from each session. Priced at $10 or less, at $2 per photo, the product provides great value for surfers looking to capture their best moments on the waves.

How it Works

Flowstate’s AI Photography product utilizes advanced AI models to automatically identify key moments of each wave, drawing from the same technology that generates automated highlight reels. The AI models have been extensively trained on a wide range of wave examples, catering to surfers of all skill levels. This innovative process extracts multiple images from each wave to create a comprehensive photo package for the session, guaranteeing that no memorable moment goes unnoticed.

By incorporating AI Photos, surf parks can enhance their product offerings with diverse packaging options, resulting in a notable increase in total transaction value across Flowstate’s accounts that have implemented the feature.

Next Up: Pro Creator Tool

To enable professional grade photography to grow and flourish in the community, Flowstate will soon be releasing the Pro Creator Product. Photographers will be able to upload their content to the Flowstate platform, leverage AI identification models for automated grouping together of waves and sell their high-quality images on the Flowstate platform.

“We’ve trained an AI model to find the key moments in your surf, making it super easy to share that snapshot with your friends and followers,” said Chris Hausler, CTO at Flowstate. “We use many thousands of examples of that “perfect moment” to train our AI model, making it super easy to share 5 star photos.”

The company recently celebrated two more technologies that use its system, citywave and PerfectSwell.

Curious about how Flowstate trained their AI models? We were, so we did a podcast with the team who designed the system. You can listen to that podcast below.