Flowstate goes big in Texas launching at two new wavepools simultaneously

After launching the video capture system at URBNSURF Melbourne last year, Flowstate has now fine tuned their surf AI models for rapid-standing waves and the pneumatic wave system at Waco Surf. The company now boasts capabilities for at least three different wave technologies.
“After a number of weeks of testing, optimizing and weathering a few storms, we’re excited to launch Flowstate in the USA,” said Luke Wallace, CEO of Flowstate. “Air sections, acid drops and different lighting conditions are just some of the local ingredients being mixed into the Flowstate AI technology.”

The Flowstate AI model is now trained for with citywave, PerfectSwell and Wavegarden Cove technologies.

The Flowstate AI is now live now at Fireside Surf in the Dallas area of Texas.

As of this week the system logged 46,941 waves for 412 surfers at Waco Surf over the course of 1,721 sessions. At Fireside surf they’ve captured 58,583 waves for 131 surfers during 484 sessions. With combined use in Melbourne, Waco and Dallas, the Flowstate platform has now surpassed the 2 million mark of surfers and waves filmed, edited and tracked.

“Continuing to build and develop the model with a wide variety of wave types and settings will continue to evolve the capabilities and data points as we move into new product development this year,” added Wallace.

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