It’s ON! Palm Springs Surf Club reopens after unexpected shutdown

The Palm Springs Surf Club is open again. In an announcement to newsletter subscribers, the wave pool said that surf sessions are now available to book on their website.

“We thank you for your patience and for being a part of the Palm Springs Surf Club community and mailing list,” read the statement. “As you’ll see, there have been some adjustments to our sessions…”

The grand re-opening includes some modified pricing and new sessions, one of which is named “5 Slabs of Fury.”

Late last year the wave pool world salivated at the grand opening of The Palm Springs Surf Club. But while Instagram was drowning in a digital tsunami of desert wave pool clips and flame emojis, something was lurking that would cause the surf park to shut down a mere 10 days after its public debut.

Speculation ran rampant (yes, surfers are a gossipy bunch!) From the editor’s desk at WavePoolMag we heard no less than than five separate theories as to why America’s most anticipated surf spot went quiet suddenly.

Surf parks are a nascent industry. And, as one consultant told us, never in our history has a project launched without some type of delay or problem. From Surf Lakes to Wavegarden to Surf Loch and others, a delayed launch or closure doesn’t represent failure, it’s just a time marker of where we are as an industry right now. However, tell this to an investor who has sunk millions into a project, or a bunch of locals frothing to surf, and patience and understanding flies out the window.

Definitely not a Tesla. The “General Motors EV1 was one of the first purpose-build electric vehicles in the late 1990s. The wave pool industry, like the electric car industry in 1998, is in its toddler phase but growing up quickly. It’s not a bad idea to exercise some patience with it.

Palm Springs Surf Club offers various activities, including a lounge pool, lazy river, water slides, and splash pad. Tickets can be purchased onsite or through the website, with options to rent luxury cabanas or daybeds for an enhanced experience. Guests are welcome to enjoy the resort’s offerings and spend a day at Palm Springs Surf Club.

Private cabanas are available at Surf Side Cabanas, offering amenities such as misters, fans, plush loungers, and exclusive heated dip pools. The Goldenvoice Surf Club event will feature electronic and dance DJs performing live at The Palm Springs Surf Club on April 13, 14, 20, and 21.


Surf session pricing has changed. Surf sessions start at $100 for beginner groups, $200 for intermediates, and $200 for advanced surfers. A 5 Slabs expert level offer is open to all ages and priced at $250. General club entry begins at $40 and gives you access to lots of features including the lazy river. You can also rent a poolside cabana for $500 a day. Waves offered are A-Frame Intermediate, A-Frame Advanced, Rights & Lefts, Beginner Waikiki and Private Session.You can book your future surf at this link.