Foam surfboard event hits novelty surf high-water mark

Soft tops in strange waves are internet gold. Recently YouTube groaned under the added digital weight of nearly a dozen professional YouTubers documenting the Red Bull Foam Wreckers event in Waco.

The comp at BSR was part of a 13-event series and was especially fun thanks to a new wave setting in the PerfectSwell pool, a sort of double wedge with a side barrel.

Contest entrants spin a wheel to decide which board they ride, then hit the water and are judged on creativity and having the most fun. Each contest entrant gets to compete alongside soft-top surf heroes like Jamie O’Brien, Kalani Robb, Ben Gravy and Blair Conklin – all of whom made vlogs for their respective YouTube channels.

If you are curious about how it all went down, we’ve assembled several of the clips and you can go down the rabbit hole and watch them all, or simply scroll. Our top pick for the best clip? it’s the first one, a no-nonsense edit from BeefsTV that captured the fun essence of the event and spared viewers excess B-Roll fodder.

“This video is more of a behind-the-scenes look of some the fun and action that went down around the event,” said Chris Monroe of BeefsTV. “Some of the riders featured include Kalani Robb, Ricky Miller, Eric Koston, Kaikea Elias, Tyler Stanaland, Ben Gravy, Jacob Szekely, Blair Conklin, Blues Brothers guy, Jay Reale, Vicki Reale, Ultra Kook, Otis the wave boss, me, Travis Watanabe, Little dog Kai Thompson and more.”