Pool Tips: Threading the barrel at Urbnsurf without cartwheeling

We’ve heard a lot of you express frustration about fitting into the tube, especially at a Cove design pool. Admittedly it’s a tight fit, more so than Waco’s wedge settings. But there are techniques to help you through Beast and Barrel mode perfection whether it’s a Wavegarden Cove in South Korea, Bristol, Switzerland or Melbourne.

Surf coach Cahill Bell Warren runs through several minutes of raw footage featuring surfers just like you, giving expert advice that you can take with you to your next pool session.

“It’s not to do with the size of the surfer, it’s the line the surfer draws that matters,” says Cahill. “It’s really rare to find a wave this square (as Beast Mode) in the ocean. So this wave takes a different approach.”

Turns out there is a specific line to draw when threading the barrel. Cahill says if you can trim, you can get barrelled at a Cove.

“If you can take the drop and trim across the green face, then you can get seriously pitted in the chlorine cones at Tullamarine! Regardless of your tube riding technique, forehand or backhand, there is one common denominator that is the make or break for all surfers when pits are on offer… The LINE you take.

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About the Author: Cahill Bell-Warren is a former professional surfer turned surf coach. He is currently the High Performance Coaching Director at Surfing Victoria. Cahill has coached several Championship Tour competitors including Carissa Moore, Nikki van Dijk, Paige Hareb, Ethan Ewing, Morgan Cibilic, Connor O’Leary and Isabella Nichols. He is currently managing the Urbnsurf Surf Academy development pathway for both surfers and coaches alike.