Watch Now: How do wave pools do hiring?

Human resources are the biggest operating expense for a wave pool. And good hires can make or break a business. They’ll help you to save time and money. But how do you ensure that you hire employees who will be true to your brand’s objectives? And how do you find dedicated team members who are willing to disappear in the off season?

In this episode we speak with experts in the field Andy Coachafer of The Wave and Giovanni Piro of Alaia Bay. We’ll begin with some general questions about staffing at a wave pool: What percentage of your Operating Expenses (OpEx) is allocated to staffing? How do you determine if someone is a good hire and will be a valuable team member? Then we’ll transition to seasonality. How do employee numbers change with the seasons? How do you adjust staff levels from high to low as winter approaches?

Giovanni Piro has worked at both The Wave and Alaia Bay

Andy Coachafer, Operations Director at The Wave

Andy Coachafer is the Operations Director at The Wave. He has worked extensively in the travel industry, with previous positions at Tui Travel and Mark Warner, before making his current contributions to The Wave. As the Operations Director of The Wave Group, he plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of the organization, in part by recruiting and training the entire operational team, while also developing policies, and managing budgets.

Giovanni Piro, Surf Operations Supervisor at Alaïa Bay

Gio is responsible for seasonal hiring at Alaïa Bay but also runs several other aspects of the park. Gio has worked in organizing sports events and draws on his sports tourism knowledge to cater to surf customers. Gio possesses a diverse skill set which helps him solve the many problems he’s tasked with on a daily basis at the surf park. We’ve profiled Gio here on WavePoolMag.

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