How the Surfwrld wave system in Germany will work


This is a double wave pool facility in Germany and will be constructed on the site of an abandoned coal mine. It’s unknown whether the core of the technology will be pneumatic-powered air chamber waves, levers, plungers, plows or something else entirely. One of the surf pools will be a size-able 300 meters long (Kelly’s Wave is 700 meters long) with the other one slightly smaller. Artist renderings show lefts and rights peeling from the point of a triangle with a short, central pier that then feeds into a long narrow rectangular pool.

Surfwrld said wave height will be 2-6 ft. In the large pool so the length of the wave could be well over 100 yards/meters. The Surfwrld facility along with two German universities (RWTH Aachen and TH Cologne) will use the surf tanks for hydraulic and civil research purposes in the off-season. The team behind the project includes experienced developers, hydraulic engineers, finance and marketing experts working under the management of Dr. Michael Detering. Project logistics and funding is just getting started but hopes to be done by 2023. Once built and proven, the technology could be deployed elsewhere in the world. Location to date is Werne Germany.