How the Waveprizm wave technology works


WavePrizm says their wall-piston modular wave machines can produce the world’s most powerful artificially generated waves. The engineers also boast more than 800 waves per hour using 80% less energy than other systems on the market. The company creates surf through modules, and in a wave technology first, also offers full tide range capability. How it works is a bit opaque. Press materials state that the WavePrizm uses diagonal displacement modules with individual water displacement devices (levers or pistons, we aren’t sure) which can be arranged to fit the size and scale of the project.

Swells are produced by firing the mystery modules in sequence. The waves then travel out across the pool, breaking across customized reef bathymetries. The company says they produce a wide variety of waves as well, from easy rollers to standup barrels. Given that the wave pool world seems to have the bulk of its technology-based in pneumatics with only Wavegarden, SwellSpot and a few others lever-based, it’s fascinating to see another addition to lever-powered pools. The company is still in the design and digital assets promotion phase and we’ve yet to see a test tank.