How the SwellMFG wave pool system works


SwellMFG creates waves either by direct air injection into the water through caissons like most pneumatics or by a dropped lever. We don’t know yet as they are quite secretive. What they will say is that the mystery motor pushes out waves in a way that resembles a natural surf spot. Waves come in A-Frame form with surfers splitting the peak rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many of today’s wave pools.

The company won’t say much except that the system, when combined with their software, offers a “surf playlist” and that their tech can work with nearly any size facility, even very small ones. Expansion to a larger sized facility is made possible with the addition of more modules. They also can drop their system into existing facilities to upgrade the pools for surfing. Wave size ranges from 2-to-6-feet with larger sets possible when given more energy output. Their first full-size wave pool is Revel Surf Park (speculation is that it will be 1.5 acres and offer 10-second rides) and will be located within the Cannon Beach lifestyle destination venue in Arizona.