In stadium surfing: Kelly Slater talks to CNBC

Kelly Slater sat down with CNBC’s Josh Lipton to talk about in stadium surfing.

Kelly boasts about the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch tech over other pools popping up globally.

“The real difference between us and other wave pools that have existed,” said the 11-time world champ. “is that our goal was to go and create a wave that was like an ocean swell. It’s not like a sort of novelty or a low-energy wave. It has a – it’s a strong wave. You wipe out and you feel it. A friend of mine (Kanoa Igarashi) broke four surfboards in here yesterday.”

The publicity by Slater is a ramp up for the World Surf League’s Founder’s Cup.

Kelly wouldn’t create a crappy, dribbly wave – here’s why

Pro surfer Kelly Slater on creating the perfect wave from CNBC.

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