Waco wave pool debuts with fun, peaky ramps

Remember when Kelly Slater dropped the first-ever clip of his wavepool a mere few hours after Adriano De Souza claimed the world title effectively cutting the spotlight on the Brazilian’s grand moment? Well, karma can pay heavy and the introduction of the Waco wave pool hit hard.

In the middle of the inaugural Founder’s Cup of Surfing event held at the WSL Surf Ranch, BSR Cable Park in Waco dropped first-ever clips of a wave that actually looks more fun than Kelly’s. Hard to fathom, but true.

Where Kelly’s is a perfect, long, peeling dream difficult to surf well (except for the world’s best), the wave at the BSR Surf Resort in Waco Texas is a fun, rampy, peaky good-time beachbreak wedge.

The Waco wave pool, built by American Wave Machines can be set to a variety of sizes from waist to head-high. The initial clips sent out to Internetland show the machine running on the low end of its scale with Jamie O’Brien, Seth Moniz and Cheyne Magnusson ripping it apart like a skatepark.

From all the data we could collect at deadline, it appears that ride length runs about a dozen seconds. The tech averages 80 waves per hour, but some settings can add more waves per hour or less. The hollower, wedgier and more frequent waves send a lot of turbulence through the pool and are run less frequently.

How does the Waco wave pool do it?

The American Wave Machines tech uses compressed air positioned at strategic points in the wall to displace water and send out waves. By adjusting which air champers pop at what time, the park can create a variety of waves.

Former pro surfer, skating royalty and surf industry vet Cheyne Magnusson is working for the park. To welcome Jamie O’Brien and film crew he played around with the jets to create a section in the wave for JOB and friends to boost off of (It’s here where Seth Moniz completed the first-ever flip in a wavepool).

“We made that air section just three days ago,” Cheyne explained to STAB Magazine. “We had that wedge already designed, but we wanted somewhere to use all that speed, so we thought ‘let’s build an air section.’ After playing around with the settings for a couple hours, we ended up creating that Cobbles-style ramp. Having that same section to hit every time is incredible. I re-learned how to do a full rotation in like… eight waves. I was like ‘Whoa, I’m skating!’”

The Waco wave pool and the whole BSR facility includes the BSR Surf Ranch, a cable park, cabanas, giant slides, a swim-up bar and lazy river. They charge $60 for a one-hour session and offer all-day packages.

For more visual goodies and information you can check out the BSR Instagram feed and the BSR Cable Park website.

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