Ka’ana Wave Co. partners with Crystal Lagoons for worldwide distribution and installation

Crystal Lagoons and Ka’ana Wave Co have signed a Preferred Vendor Agreement to certify Ka’ana’s CM7-Series surf machines for installation in Crystal Lagoons® amenities. With millions of people passionate about surfing and millions more keen to learn, the partnership provides Crystal Lagoons developers an amenity to attract those who want to surf.

Since 2009, the innovative multi-acre, clear blue lagoons have provided aquatic experiences for guests around the world. The partnership to incorporate Ka’ana’s CM7-Surf technology serves to enhance the experience by activating lagoons for surfing and dynamic activities like kayaking, open water training, and play.

Designed to create a variety of waves, in a variety of pools and lagoons, for a variety of activities, the CM7-Series provides a surf experience that is fun for all ages, skills, and abilities. Developers tout the experience as exhilarating, safe, and low impact. In addition, the currents generated by the machine are fun for paddling and play.

“Crystal Lagoons has developed an outstanding aquatic experience,” said Jamie Watson, CEO of Ka’ana Wave Co. “With over 1100 projects in different stages of operation, development, and negotiation to date, these large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sandy beaches provide the perfect environment for activating the CM7-Surf Experience.”

Jamie Watson of Ka'ana Wave Co.
Jamie Watson of Ka’ana Wave Co. says bringing surfing to a wider audience, one who previously had little to no access to surf-able waves, is a great thing.

Ka’ana Wave Co. is based in North Vancouver, Canada and provides hotels, resorts, waterparks, municipalities, and mixed-use developments access to surfing with an award-winning surf attraction that creates a variety of waves, in a variety of new and existing pools and lagoons, for a variety of activities. The technology impressed Crytal Lagoons.

“The CM7-Series delivers an experience that is fun for everyone and has been demonstrated to consistently attract and engage guests for hours on end,” said Mauricio Salinas Ortiz, Head of New Business Development at Crystal Lagoons. “Integrating Ka’ana’s new, patented CM7-Series technology will provide developers access to the booming surf market, and offer more versatile programming, while enhancing the already exceptional experience of a pristine water lagoon.”

Crystal Lagoons is a US-based company that has developed technology allowing crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at very low costs anywhere.