Learn about pre-operational design considerations for wave pools

How to make the wave pool dream come true? We just assume the architect designs the wave pool, the contractors build it and then the paying public comes flooding in. Done. Dream accomplished. But after you’ve nailed the technology, settings, pricing, etc, suppose that it takes up to 5 minutes for your restaurant staff to get entrees from the kitchen to those coveted poolside cabanas? Your customer experience suffers and the Yelp! reviews light up with “great waves but cold food” complaints. It’s one small example of the operational considerations that must be done at the beginning of a wave pool project.

In this WavePoolMag Friday Sessions episode join Certified Venue Executive Brian Stovall, CVE and Architect Bruce Greenfield as we discuss all those little things that must go into planning before the building commences. Viewers can chat with their real-time questions to be answered by our panel.

On Friday April 26 hit this Studio Link at the following time:

Paris 6pm
London 5pm
New York 12pm
Dallas 11am
San Diego 9am